Shaftless Floor Pick-Up Unwinds are available in a full
range of systems to support both Webco's own
equipment and as independant units that can be readily
purchased to upgrade your existing slitter / rewinder,
sheeter or other web-fed process.

SSL Unwind

The new Webco SSL unwind is made to handle rolls in excess of 14,000 lbs. It features shaftless operation with an adjustable skew roll and shock roll. The Ssl Unwind is specifically designed to readily accept different braking configurations - from single brakes to "piggyback" brakes and regenerative drives - on an extremely rigid frame/platform allows for maximum control of heavy rolls at high speeds.


...a rugged hi-speed, heavy-duty shaftless unwind designed to lift, position, and guide rolls with exceptional operator ease. It also features ball-screw operation for raising and chucking. Options include adjustable pneumatic shock dampening roll and slack edge compensation.


...a medium-duty, shaftless floor pick-up unwind designed for simplicity of operation and efficiency of roll handling. Available with disc breaking or regenerative surface drive. Options include shock roll and slack edge compensation.

Machine Spool Unwinds...

...are mill-duty machines designed to run spools in dedicated machine winder applications. They are customized to suit the customers requirement with mechanical or regenerative braking, direct drive or surface belt. Options include edge guiding and oscillation control.

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